What is the Dirtiest Thing you Touch Everyday?

That’s right, your cell phone. We take it with us everywhere and on average touch the screen more than 2,000 times each day. In general, it’s a good idea to clean your phone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative!

So how do you clean your phone without causing damage to the screen? Some recommend isopropyl alcohol but you have to be careful; it needs to be 70% isopropyl alcohol the diluted with water. Undiluted isopropyl alcohol will damage the coating on your screen. The same is true for bleach and peroxide.

Wait for it…soap and water works best.

  • Mix a mild solution of dish soap and water
  • Dampen the corner of a microfiber or wash cloth
  • We one corner of the cloth and wring out so it’s damp
  • Wipe your phone with the damp cloth
  • Turn the phone off
  • Disconnect the charger and any other wires
  • Remove phone from its case
  • Use damp corner of the cloth to wipe down the phone
  • Make sure you don’t forget buttons and jacks; make sure you don not get water into any of the jacks.
  • Don’t forget to wash the case!

How often should you wash your phone? That really depends on a few things. If you have been at home or in the yard all day, once is probably sufficient. If you work in a healthcare setting or are providing another essential service, use your phone as little as possible while at work, clean your phone often and as as you get home after work.