More than 80% of labs drawn are done here in our lab.

Inpatient and outpatient services provided by our lab


  • We offer bedside lab draws from 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.
  • For quick results if it’s an emergency we are able to use the EPOC and ISTAT to quickly do routine testing.


  • We ask that all outpatients coming in go to our front desk to get registered before coming back to the lab
  • We offer walk-in lab draws, urine and stool collections, flu, strep, covid and MRSA screenings from 6:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.
  • We will go out into the BMC parking lot to collect patients in their car if they have trouble getting around.

General Information

  • If patients meet the criteria we will go out into the community twice a week to collect them in their homes. ( this service is temporarily stopped due to staffing issues)
  • No appointment needed for pre-surgery covid testing as long as the patient’s doctor has ordered it.
  • Bucktail offers a patient portal that is available for patients to look at any time to view their tests online.
  • Our lab is partnered up with Geisinger and patients can look up their results that we send out.
  • If a patient comes without an order we will try our very best to get a hold of their ordering doctor’s office to have them fax us an order so the patient doesn’t have to leave and come back.
  • Patients can call us at any time to ask questions and we will answer all questions to the best of our abilities.

Labs We Perform

Our most common tests that we do in-house
Our most common send out tests


Beckman-Coulter AU 480 Chemistry Analyzer
Tosoh AIA 360 Immunochemistry
XNL-Sysmex 430 Hematology Analyzer
Sysmex Pochi-100 point of care Hematology inst.
Siemens CA-660 Coagulation Analyzer
Clinitek Status Urine Analyzer
Biosite Triage Meter
I-STAT point of care
EPOC point of care
Biosite Torch (new instrument)

Meet Our Team

Beth Myers
Elizabeth Probst



Medical Laboratory Scientist

Laboratory Manager

Verify the patients name and DOB

Collect the specimen

Process the specimen by centrifuging or letting it sit

Order the tests the doctor has ordered in our EMR system

Collect the labels and match with two identifier before labeling the patients tubes

Run the specimen in the corresponding instrument

For specimens we cannot do in-lab we have to create an orderand package the specimen to send to Geisinger

Finalize patients results and print reports

Fax patients results to ordering doctors offices and wait for the confirmation that they received the results

Wait for the test we sent to Geisinger to come and put with its corresponding order

Fax all doctors orders and results from Geisinger to Medical Records

Bill all Wound cultures, urine cultures, blood cultures and strep back-ups in our EMR system

Quality control
(QC is one of the most important impacts on lab testing, it ensures both precision and accuracy of a patient’s sample)

(making sure we never run of test reagents, phlebotomy supplies and buying, leasing or renting proper equipment is very important, we cannot function without any of it)

(compliance policies ensure that all claims for testing services submitted to Medicare or other federally funded care programs are accurate and correctly identify the services ordered by the physician and performed by the laboratory. Additionally that all procedures, policy and general approach in a lab to guarantee the analytical results generated are evocative, convincing and appropriate for the decisions which will be made from the data)