COVID Testing at Bucktail Medical Center

We have worked diligently to maintain rapid COVID-19 testing supplies at the facility for nursing home residents, facility staff, hospital and ER patients, and the community. Testing supplies are now short in supply, ,and we are unable to maintain a supply sufficient to continue rapid testing, so we have put controls in place to preserve the small supply we have remaining.

We will continue testing residents and staff, but testing will be limited to twice per week. Testing for ER patients will be limited to testing deemed medically necessary by the physician.

Limited outpatient testing will continue, but that testing will be sent out to our reference lab for PCR testing; results can take 24 hours or longer and is out of our control.

Testing will also be limited to patients who have COVID-19 symptoms for at least 72 hours. We might be unable to do testing for return to work, return to school, and travel: Many insurances do not cover this testing.

We encourage home testing when available. A positive home test should be considered accurate.

You can order four COVID-19 test kits per residential address at This site is currently active and tests are expected to ship before the end of the month.

Effective January 15, 2022, private insurers are required to provide or pay for eight (8) COVID-19 tests per insured individual per month. Tests could be available at in-network pharmacies at no cost or, you can purchase tests and file for reimbursement. Check with your insurer for specific information.

If you are positive or presumed positive per CDC and PA DOH guidance, guidelines for quarantine and isolation are updated frequently; for the most up to date information please visit the CDC website.

We will keep you informed as the avilablity or rapid testing supplies changes.