Bucktail Medical Center

Healthcare and Friendship – BMC is Here to Serve

Healthcare in Rural Pennsylvania is under attack and Bucktail Medical Center might be the latest victim.

Most Americans would say that access to health care is a basic right. In the largest cities it would be difficult to walk more than a couple blocks without running into a Primary Care Office, an Urgent Care Facility or even a Level-1 Trauma Center. The availability of these types of facilities provides a certain type of silent reassurance that any medical need that arises will be met with the proper care. The residents of these large cities rest easy at night knowing these services are close and always waiting to serve.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for residents of rural America to have the same type of reassurance?

The Management and employees of Bucktail Medical Center think so. That is why each of them work endlessly to provide the best possible care to the residents of Renovo, the most rural town in Pennsylvania!

Like many rural hospitals, Bucktail Medical Center is fighting a financial battle that some would say is insurmountable. Workforce Shortages, Transportation and stigmas surrounding rural hospitals are all challenges Bucktail Medical Center is facing.

Even with these challenges, Bucktail Medical Center remains optimistic that they will not only overcome these challenges but succeed despite them.

How is this possible?

Renovo is a small but proud community. It looks out for others, helps when help is needed and does what is right at all costs. Bucktail Medical has survived financially, and will continue to survive, due to the outpouring of support that has been received from the Renovo Community and supporters from around the country.

Past and present community members of Renovo have shown their support through hundreds of generous donations all totaling $215,000. These donations have come via online contributions and local fundraising efforts.

Some supporters have even written personal check, placing it in the mail and sent it off to Bucktail Medical. Simple but effective; this is how the Renovo Community functions best.

Some individual donations have exceeded 4-figures.

In true “Renovo Fashion”, many local businesses and organizations have also shown generosity through donations. The Renovo Son’s and Daughter’s of Italy, Renovo Methodist Church, Renovo Elks, Noyes Township, Kettle Creek Music Festival, Cross Fork Sportsmen Association, Leidy Township, Chapman Township and Gearhart Herr all provided financial support during this difficult stretch.

Bucktail Medical has learned many valuable lessons over the last 12 months. The most powerful lesson is that Bucktail Medical has friends from all over the country. It is these true friends that have supported Bucktail in its time of need.

Possibly, the largest show of friendship came from a Pennsylvania healthcare giant, Geisinger Medical Center.

Geisinger-Jersey Shore recently donated approximately $5,000 worth of supplies to be used for patient care. It was personally delivered by the Nursing Director and the CEO.

Geisinger-Danville also extended generosity by writing a check for $10,000 to also be used for patient care items. A card was attached to this donation expressing well wishes.

Even in business, friendship is important. Bucktail Medical has found a true friend in Geisinger Medical Center.